Important Slogans On Environment

Our environment is in a terrible shape. Everything from global warming and overpopulation to pollution and resource depletion is tormenting our dear Earth. Everyone must help if we want to have a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle in the future. It is our hope and belief that slogans on environment can be a small step in the right direction by creating awareness among the public, and especially among uneducated people. These environment slogans are some of the best:

  • Join the race, to make the Earth a better place.
  • Don’t litter! It makes the world bitter.
  • Ecology deserves an apology from modern technology.
Slogans On Environment

Slogans On Environment Are One Step In The Right Direction

You should absolutely try to learn more about the environment and its problems. There are lots of great books on this topic to be found, and for a cheap price too. Even cheaper are our slogans on environment, they are completely free! :) The first one is rather poetic while the second one is quite funny, as it jokes about lazy people that take the car no matter how short distance they are going. So, here goes:

  • Can you hear the eco?
  • Get off your ass! Save some gas!

Finally, an environment slogan that is pessimistic, but none the less true:

  • Cut a tree, and soon there will be no more to see.

Don’t forget to check out our slogans on pollution. They are worth a read. Thanks!

The Best Earth Day Slogans

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22 each year. On that day people in almost 200 countries show their support for environmental protection in organized events. It is even recognized by the United Nations in a resolution as the International Mother Earth Day. If you participate in the celebrations you might need some good Earth Day slogans. Here goes:

  • Earth Day is our day!
  • Earth Day everyday!
  • What on Earth are you doing for Earth Day?

But let’s not restrict ourselves to care for the Earth only one day each year, the state of the environment is so bad that it needs attention every day all year round. Our save Earth slogans are perfect for that job:

Earth Day Slogans

Enjoy Our Earth Day Slogans!

  • Save the Earth. Save yourself!
  • A good planet is hard to find.
  • There is no Planet B.

The children are our future and it is important to educate them about the state of the environment. These children’s books about Earth Day are great gifts that we really recommend. And why not teach them a save Earth slogan as well? Here are two more:

  • One Earth. One chance.
  • Love Earth, and Earth will love you.

We hope you enjoyed the Earth Day slogans and the slogans on Earth we presented. If you did, maybe you would like our slogans on environment as well. Until next time! :)