Even More Environmental Slogans

We like environmental slogans so much that we decided to offer you a few more. They deal with everything from overpopulation and recycling to global warming. First three read like this:

  • It takes cool people to save a warm planet.
  • Population explosion, leads to starvation.
  • Earth loves you. Love it back!

To solve environmental problems we need to realize that most of the time the problems are caused at a specific place, but the effects are global because rivers and winds transport pollutants around the world. This means that we need to stop pollution in the city or country where we live, but always consider that the whole world is affected. The next environmental slogan deal with that issue:

Environmental Slogans

Shout Environmental Slogans While Driving An Electric Scooter!

  • Think globally. Act locally.

If we really want to stop pollution and save the Earth, we can’t continue to live our lives as we are used to. A bit of sacrifice of our lifestyle will always be needed if we want to see some real change. For example, why not stop drive fossil-fueled cars, and instead walk, use a bicycle, take a train or bus, or maybe an electric car or scooter? The last two save environment slogans we have are about making that kind of sacrifice. Here goes:

  •  No pain. No gain.
  • If you refuse to reuse, it’s the Earth you abuse!

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