Save Tiger Slogans

The tiger is the world’s largest cat species, weighing up to 300 kg, and reaching a body length of up to 3.3 meters. It is truly an impressive animal. A hundred years ago there were around 100 000 tigers in the world. Today there are only 3000-4000 left, mainly because of habitat destruction and poaching. To help save the tiger we have gathered a few good save tiger slogans.

  • Save the tigers, before they are silenced forever.
  • Save our tigers. Save our pride!
  • Save Tigers!

The next tiger slogan is more pessimistic and poetic, but none the less important:

  • Mighty tigers, hear them roar, soon they may be no more.
Save Tiger Slogans

We Love Save Tiger Slogans!

If you would like like to read more about tigers, there are lots of great books on tigers and also some interesting movies to be found. Enjoy! If you would rather read two more save tiger slogans, look no further:

  • Save our striped friends!
  • Look at the tigers mighty and strong, killing them is so very wrong.


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